Giannis Wanna Fight Donta Hall After Shove & Devin Booker Craziest Game Winner vs Clippers! 

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Giannis Wanna Fight Donta Hall After Shove & Devin Booker Craziest Game Winner vs Clippers! Clippers vs Suns August 4, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Aug 4, 2020




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Comments 40   
bright guitars
bright guitars 10 days ago
Ugliest voice ever
Khouane Praphasirirat
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Arthur Ostapenko
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I0Perxz X
I0Perxz X Month ago
Ν Β Month ago
I really miss the airiness, the Laryness and the magic of NBA! Nowadays it is like gym guys going to play basketball after their workout, you know the ones we were making fun for their luck of basketball moves and fundamentals...
DaaBoys2138 Month ago
Giannis is a “Greek god” 😂😂😂😂 y’all silly. If he is a Greek god I must be god himself smh.
Yardail Perdue
Yardail Perdue Month ago
That look like that could’ve been an And one on PG
Rampo Light
Rampo Light Month ago
poor devin booker, he's just going to be trade evetually 😂🤣 NBA algorythm.
Russell Keaton
Russell Keaton Month ago
Belarion A.D.
Belarion A.D. Month ago
Booker deserves a trade bad
thomas johnson
thomas johnson Month ago
This dude has the most punchable voice
FrostyX _YT
FrostyX _YT Month ago
I just want to here Brawadis rection
Jimmy Sean
Jimmy Sean Month ago
Craziest shot I’ve seen in a while .
Gezza 77
Gezza 77 Month ago
DB is a stud...no doubt about it. The Suns have a young squad - they can go far if they can keep all the pieces intact.
Franklyn Castle
Franklyn Castle Month ago
I can't believe you don't realize it's Enter-tame-ment lmao you buy into the show ,it's the same as wrestling ..All planned before, Sleep Child.
James Rudolph
James Rudolph Month ago
Pullin Up!😂
Hebrew Florida Boy 777
This dude voice is funny as heck 🤣🤣😂😂
Thunder Thighs
Thunder Thighs Month ago
This niggas voice ugly as fuck, god damn🤢
keanyon Month ago
“Kawhi pulling up” it was PG 😂😂🤣🤣 0:50
Christian stoudamire.
“Still no emotion “
Taliaferro B Condelee
Is that Kendrick Lamar giving us the breakdown?
Billy G.13
Billy G.13 Month ago
Nigga risked his life(fightin giannis) just to be known in the league💀
Marcus Ward
Marcus Ward Month ago
You know he got big hands... pause.. lmao
DG SpunkDaGoat
DG SpunkDaGoat Month ago
I swear bro u always saying sum stupid ( 0:17 )
Chongie 1
Chongie 1 Month ago
Tyceonreact Month ago
Hell naw all he got to do is use tht 30 foot wingspan 😂😂
JrbTV Month ago
"Kawai gets the rebound,lays it up. still no emotions" you make me laugh
JrbTV Month ago
you sounds like a gangster
Cheeser Month ago
Akunpo gotta chill
Roan TV
Roan TV Month ago
Still no emotion 🤣🤣👍✌️
Julius Beltran
Julius Beltran Month ago
That's a foul right there!
Not Troy
Not Troy Month ago
My theory is that this guy’s family is rich and they let him take out a bunch of money for youtube adds and that’s why his videos are pushed on me constantly despite me not being a subscriber
Dominic Hernandez
No one gives a shit about it stop bitching about it dumb ass
Zaren Pantig
Zaren Pantig Month ago
pullin up pullin up pullin up pullin up
Cristian Flores
Cristian Flores Month ago
This dude sound Blasian af😭
Dell Month ago
Who else didn’t ask for this to be on their feed?
Giannis has been known to get physical when it comes to rebounds and such. Let's not play it up like he's Mr. 'sweety pie' and innocent and such and how he's the victim.
Google Mtn
Google Mtn Month ago
Wtf is that accent
OGK Official
OGK Official Month ago
Bra jus look at all the niggas on the screen😂😂😂
Raz Omer
Raz Omer Month ago
I think that's Giannis makin some money beside
Sudhakar Alla
Sudhakar Alla Month ago